Valorant players worried game is becoming Overwatch after chaotic image goes viral

. 1 month ago
Valorant looking like Overwatch
Riot Games/Blizzard Entertainment

As Valorant continues to evolve and break new ground as a tactical hero shooter, players are worried that the abilities in the game have caused it to look like Overwatch with all the effects on screen.

Like CSGO, Valorant is a tactical shooter where precision reigns supreme. Landing headshots on targets while either planting or defusing a bomb is the name of the game, but unlike Counter-Strike, Valorant has numerous unique characters.

In the time since its release, Valorant has had many new Agents added to its roster and with it came an assortment of new abilities that can be overwhelming to some.

Now, a viral screenshot showing numerous abilities in action has sparked concern from players who don’t want Valorant to end up becoming like Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch.

Valorant players baffled by Overwatch-like screenshot

In the screenshot uploaded by Valorant caster Vincent ‘Zescht’ Talmon-Gros, players on World Game Star and DRX activated abilities resulting in a confusing image with an explosion of color.

Zescht mocked how Valorant was supposed to be “mainly about shooting” while others began comparing it to other games.

“Looks like a World of Warcraft raid,” one replied.

“Thought this game had the chance to compete with CS for all time when it came out. Then they took the Fortnite route and way over did it,” another commented. “Add way too much, too many mechanics, too many agents, they just plain did too much.”

Others, however, really honed in on using Overwatch and in all the negative ways with one claiming it was “worse” than Blizzard’s hero shooter.

Former Overwatch Contenders Clockwork Vendetta player Bernhard ‘Minimi’ Hartl posted a photo from OW, saying it had the “same energy” as the Valorant image.

“CS feels way more controllable and way more comfortable to play to both the casual and competitive player. I mean, we’re literally recreating this image and that’s not a good thing,” said another, posting an Overwatch screenshot with dozens of shields.

For Overwatch’s part, however, the developers have tried to do away with so many effects by making its sequel 5v5 and reworking problematic heroes.

However, it will be interesting to see how Riot responds to criticism and what measures they take to improve the Valorant and its experience.

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