Valorant players want Riot to copy simple CSGO skin feature

Valorant character with a weapon from the EGO skin bundleRiot Games

Valorant players are pleading for Riot to once again take more inspiration from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and add set skin inventories for attacker and defender sides.

Riot’s popular first-person tactical 5v5 shooter Valorant is lacking quite a lot of neat features when compared to its rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and other FPS titles.

However, the developers are slowly making up for it by adding new and improved features, like a system that will target toxic and problematic players.

Now, players are requesting the devs take more inspiration from Valve’s Counter-Strike series by adding skin inventories for both attacker and defender sides of the game.

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Riot Games
Shooters like Valorant and CS:GO have always shared features.

In a January 28 Reddit thread, Valorant player tyscott1122 pleaded to the devs and requested set skin inventories for attackers and defenders like we see in Counter-Strike.

“In Valorant I’m sure people would love to use set skins on attackers side and another set of skins on the defenders side,” said tyscott1122. “It would be really cool with knives as well.

“Valorant was created by people who love CS:GO so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind adding this feature.” The player continued and noted that it would attract more players to buy skins: “Especially since it would push for more people to buy more skins.”

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One commenter in the thread agreed that it would make them consider buying more Valorant skins, as buying more would serve a better purpose: “I’m already considering buying the Reaver Vandal, but owning the prime already, it’s hard to justify. Unless this were to happen.”

Another player added that they could see the devs adding the feature in the future: “I could see them doing this eventually. It would make them more money.”

It’s worth noting that Counter-Strike’s system for set skin inventories works on both attacking and defending due to the difference in weapons on either side. While attacking, CS:GO offers an AK47 as a primary rifle, whereas defenders can buy a M4A4 rifle.

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However, this shouldn’t make the devs shy away from the idea seeing as players actively want it.