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Valorant player’s incredible real-life Phantom gets Riot devs seal of approval

Published: 12/Apr/2021 4:21 Updated: 12/Apr/2021 7:07

by Brad Norton


A real-life version of Valorant’s Phantom is breaking the internet as the viral design has impressed just about everyone, including developers at Riot Games.

While Valorant cosplays have stolen the show for quite some time, a brand new creation from Riot’s tactical FPS has taken social media by storm. One enthusiastic player constructed an exceptionally detailed model of the Phantom and the results are simply stunning.

The real-life design consists of more than a dozen 3D printed components. When fully assembled, it’s a split image from the in-game model of Valorant’s Phantom. 

From the overall frame of the weapon to the finest little scratches and marks, every aspect was taken into consideration. 


PHANTOM Real life – With a 3D printer and a lot of time you can do amaizing things from VALORANT

In total, Reddit user ‘Tinch0n’ worked on the real-life Phantom every day for an entire month. What started as a model on their computer quickly turned into a variety of unique shapes on their desk. These components were then all manually adjusted to fit the perfect look of the popular rifle.

Once the core of the build was together, multiple layers of paint were applied before finer detailing took place. Every single blemish on the in-game model was made real, as to give off the most authentic look possible. It was this part that took the most work, according to Tinch0n.


After roughly “50 hours” of mulling over every little detail, the gun was complete. Before long and a behind-the-scenes video exploded across social media. While players were taken back by the stunning design, even Valorant devs were impressed as well.

“Holy crap this is incredible!” Valorant’s Premium Content Art Lead Sean Marino said. “ I love how you went even far enough to paint the scratches and everything that are on the original gun! Amazing job overall!”

Real life Valorant Phantom design
Reddit: u/Tinc0n
The real Phantom design is a spitting image of the in-game model.

While the Phantom design has already made one hell of a mark online, Tinc0n isn’t stopping there. Smaller projects like Jett’s Kunai and a Paint Shell from Raze were dropped into some of the pictures.


Up next, they’re working on a real version of Killjoy’s Turret. One day down the line, we might even see an authentic Vandal build to go alongside the Phantom as well.