Valorant players slam map “made of paper” after discovering outrageous new wallbang

Ascent in ValorantRiot Games

Valorant players have identified a new wallbang spot on one of Valorant’s most iconic maps, and it’s making them question what the walls in-game are actually made from.

Valorant’s map Ascent is one of the first locations we saw when Valorant launched, as it was where the first cinematic was set. After its B site was teased in the practice range, Ascent was added as the fourth map in the game.

However, a new discovery has players wondering about the integrity of the floating island, because it looks like its walls could be made of paper.

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Valorant players slam Ascent as being “made of paper” after discovering new wallbang

Lineups guru vladk0r posted the new angle on Twitter, captioning the post: “Valorant don’t make an Ascent out of paper challenge: Impossible.”

In the video, he shows how it’s possible to shoot from inside the plant area on B all the way through to the corridor on Attackers’ side, which is normally separated by two walls and a crate.

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This area has always been notorious for wallbang opportunities, particularly if you’re running Sova with an odin, but this new lineup brings it to a whole new level.

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What makes the spot even more deadly is the fact that it penetrates the crate on the other side of the wall, which many players use for cover. In the clip, a few shots are enough to break Killjoy’s ultimate, so KJ mains might want to watch out.

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