Valorant players call for Riot to disable Split over "crazy" new wall bang spot - Dexerto

Valorant players call for Riot to disable Split over “crazy” new wall bang spot

Published: 12/Jul/2021 6:50

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Valorant players discovered a “crazy” new wall bang spot in the Sewers on Split, and it’s overpowered, it’s got them asking Riot to disable the map in competitive games until it’s patched.

For the most part, wall banging is an intentional feature in Valorant. It’s based on the premise that most weapons can shoot through walls to a degree, which is a surefire way to deal damage to enemies without risking your life.

However, players have been hunting for new wall bang spots for a long time now, especially overpowered ones that may be unintentional; this insane one that someone found on Ascent in June 2020 comes to mind.


But that’s nothing compared to the latest discovery.

One Valorant player has found an overpowered spot in the Sewers on Split, and it’s proven so effective the community wants Riot to disable the map until it’s patched.

Riot Games
Wall bang spots make it easier for teams to push through certain spots of the map.

The video they posted shows an enemy agent killing them by firing shots into the wall from Link into Main. In an attempt to figure out what happened, they tried to re-create what transpired in a custom game, and sure enough, they could.

It’s conclusive evidence that players in Link can deal damage and potentially kill enemies pushing into A Site through Main, meaning they can defend it without compromising their position on the map.


The community isn’t thrilled about it. One player described it as “bonkers,” while another believes it’s only a matter of time before Riot will patch it.

However, a small portion of opportunistic Valorant players like xLoneWolf69 claims it’s an “easy way to climb in ranked,” and are looking forward to using it to their advantage until it’s removed from the game.

Riot has yet to respond to the “crazy” new Split wallbang spot, but we’ll make sure to update you as soon as they do.