Is Valorant down? Players reporting widespread EU server issues April 21

by Bill Cooney


UPDATE APRIL 21: Riot has reported that they're aware of the issues facing EU players when logging into servers, and said they'll inform fans when to expect a fix when they have more information on the problems.

Valorant players in Europe have reported widespread server issues preventing them from logging in or finding matches, with users experiencing the problems on April 21.

Shortly after 7 PM GMT, players in Europe began reporting issues with logging into Valorant, and getting a game in queue once they were in.

According to outage maps of Valorant issues, Europe has lit up like a firework on April 21, with high numbers of outages reported around London, Northern Europe and parts of Spain.
Valorant outages have reported all over Europe


Valorant is scheduled to have official downtime for maintenance starting at 3:30 AM Central European time, but the server issues seem to have started well before that.

Riot has yet to provide any official update on the outages, but stick with us at Dexerto for all the information on this updating story.


Hopefully, the issue will be resolved so EU players can get some matches in before the servers go down for maintenance.