Valorant players plead with Riot for overdue Deathmatch rework

Valorant player holding Ghost pistol on the map bindRiot Games

Valorant players are calling for the Riot devs to do a long overdue rework to the Deathmatch mode.

Since Valorant‘s release in 2020, players have been stuck with the same couple of game modes. Among them include the popular free-for-all Deathmatch — which many use as a way to practice and warm up before queuing for a longer match.

However, the mode has undergone few changes since its release, and now, players are calling for an overdue rework.

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Valorant fans plead for Deathmatch rework

In a May 7 Reddit thread, one Valorant fan started a discussion as to why they think Deathmatch needs to see some changes.

“The deathmatch that we currently use for so-called ‘warmup’ is nothing but 12 different fools spawn in a random map and try to kill each other in a race for 40 kills with sh*t spawns and people camping like f**k,” they wrote.

The player continued to describe their own experience with deathmatch, explaining sometimes it takes several minutes for the deathmatch to load — meaning by the time they spawn, the game is almost over.

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“I have a very medium pc, for some reason it takes 5+ minutes to load up Deathmatch and by the time I am spawned, either the person on the top is on 35 kills or the timer has only 1 minute left.”

They added: “Deathmatch should be a no-timer. No kill scoreboard and no win/loss gamemode. People should be able to join the lobby any time and leave any time and can do warmup as much as they can without having a timer.”

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Other players agreed, with one suggesting that the devs take a page out of Valve’s and introduce community servers similar to Counter-Strike.

“They should do something like Csgo community servers just makes it so much easier,” they wrote.

“Wish they had a arena 1v1 mode like in the csgo community servers too,” said another.

With Episode 7 on the horizon, it could be the perfect opportunity for the devs to give deathmatch a bit of an overhaul. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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