Valorant players petition to save bugged “Widejoy” card for Killjoy as Riot fixes glitch

Killjoy looking up in hope in ValorantRiot Games

The beloved “Widejoy” Valorant player card ⁠— a glitched out version of Killjoy’s player card ⁠— is being removed from the game soon. However, Valorant players are pleading with Riot to revert the glitch and bring it back after falling in love with its imperfection.

It’s been a hot minute since the stretched-out wide memes were a thing, but the Valorant community has put its own spin on it with “Widejoy”.

Named after the game’s beloved German Agent being, well, a bit wider in one of her cards, plenty of players have been rocking the glitched accessory. It is as silly as it sounds: the card was just merely out of proportion and stretched when loading into games, making Killjoy more like Widejoy.

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However, Riot is putting an end to the fun in Valorant patch 4.01, announcing they’ve fixed the glitched player card and are reverting Widejoy.

“We love her too but we’re going to have to fix that banner,” Riot said in the Episode 4 patch notes under a “known yet beloved issues” header.

Players aren’t having it though. Petitions have been fired across social media, with #SaveWidejoy slowly gaining traction on Twitter while Reddit threads asking Riot to keep it in the game have gotten thousands of upvotes.

“They should obviously fix the normal card, but maybe it would be [a] fun thing to also add the wide one as an extra,” one player wrote.

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Riot themselves have gotten in on the memes, with some developers boosting the #SaveWidejoy tag on Twitter or replying on Reddit.

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be,” developer ‘heyyousam’ joked.

Killjoy on computer in ValorantRiot Games
Don’t worry — Widejoy is sticking around until Valorant patch 4.01, and could be added back into the game later.

It may not be the end for Widejoy, however. After all Riot loves their memes, especially in Valorant battle passes. If Widejoy was to live on, it’d be in the Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 battle pass ⁠— and players will be watching with intent.