Valorant players demand Riot make ‘community’ skins similar to CSGO

. 4 months ago
Raze and Killjoy looking shocked in Valorant
Riot Games

Valorant players are calling for Riot to follow CS:GO’s approach with more input from the community for future skin releases with concepts and voting.

Valorant players definitely aren’t shy from suggesting ideas to the Riot Games developers that they’d love to see implemented in the popular first-person shooter.

The community’s ideas range from the highly-demanded replay feature to additional customization options they’d like to see taken from the game’s competitors such as Counter-Strike with different skin inventories for attacker and defender sides.

Now, players are calling for Riot to take another idea from Valve’s Counter-Strike with the community being able to vote on skin concepts to be added to the game.

Valorant Protocol 781-A skins
Riot Games
Valorant’s Protocol skin collection is among the most popular pick for players.

In a Reddit thread posted on February 25, Valorant fan jesteraq hit out at the devs for recent skin collections being mediocre. “They need to start using the community because these past few skin sets they have released and are releasing are painfully so average,” the player claimed.

The fan continued by suggesting that Riot should take community ideas into account, and allow players to vote on them similar to what happens in CS:GO: “Having people submit skins concepts and having the playerbase vote on them would be so much better than what they’re doing now.

“Honestly, even continuation skin sets highly praised by many would be better than the stuff they released lately. I just think they could easily delegate some of the creativity to the community cause I have seen some amazing concepts posted here that they should have used.”

The upcoming Episode 4 Act 2 update will bring the long-awaited community battle pass – in which players previously voted on different concepts made by the community.

While the community battle pass is a step in the right direction for Riot with more player inclusion, there’s certainly a demand for more input with regular skin collections.

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