Valorant players concerned ahead of “overpowered” Gekko release

New Valorant agent Gekko and his creatureRiot Games

Valorant players are left anxious with the “overpowered” Gekko, who’s set to join the ever-growing roster of Agents next act.

The next Valorant agent is just around the corner. Joining the club as the sixth Initiator, Gekko is certainly a unique addition.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, the agent is definitely going to be a breath of fresh air for players — and undoubtedly shake up the meta with the arsenal of creatures at his disposal.

However, ahead of the Agent’s Act 2 release, the community is already concerned with how overpowered the new initiator might be.

Valorant players worried with “overpowered” Gekko

Despite not even being released yet, the Valorant community has been quick to voice their thoughts on the new Agent.

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Gekko’s abilities are centered around his creatures, which can plant or defuse the spike for him. The Agent is also kitted with a flash, stun, and grenade in his arsenal.

In a March 4 Reddit thread, players discussed what they think of the initiator — where overall many agreed Gekko could be overpowered.

“I think the plant/defuse is going to be to over powered in a 1v1,” one player wrote. “Yeah the defuse seems impossible with multiple people alive and even the plant is tough, but in a 1v1 it’ll be huge,” another agreed.

On the other hand, some suppose that Gekko won’t actually be that overpowered in solo queue in higher elo. “He will probably be weak in higher elo. Seems pretty easy to just shoot his pets,” said one.

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“He’s going to be broken in VCT but underwhelming for most players. The spike plant/diffuse ability sounds op and it is, but a lot of people are going to use that as a crutch and get outplayed,” wrote another.

With Riot also claiming that Gekko was the most challenging Agent to design so far, many are excited to get their hands on him when Act 2 drops.