Valorant players claim Riot are “nervous” after copying Counter-Strike with new skins

New black market skint bundle with Valorant logoRiot Games

Fans are claiming Riot is scared of Counter-Strike 2 after Valorant’s latest skin bundle is accused of being a CS:GO copy.

In-game cosmetics have been a huge revenue driver for devs for quite some time now. While they’re not essential to gameplay, whether it be character and weapon skins, it’s fair to say players go mad over them.

Riot’s first-person shooter Valorant is no different. Since the game’s beta, fans have been obsessed with the vast variety of weapon skins and gun buddies. However, players are now accusing the latest set of skins of being a straight copy of weapons from CSGO.

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Valorant players claim Black Market bundle is CSGO copy

The brand new Black Market bundle was announced by Riot on April 10 and will be a first of its kind. Depending on which side you’re on, the skins will have unique Defender and Attacker appearances.

However, many have accused the bundle of being a Counter-Strike copy, — particularly noting how the Vandal and Melee look oddly similar to an AK and Butterfly knife from CS:GO.

“Counter Strike 2 weapons in Valorant?” said Spanish Twitch streamer Horcus. “CSGO at home bundle,” said another.

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Some are even going as far as to say the Riot devs are shook by Counter-Strike 2 — and that this is their response. “Counter-Strike 2 has them so nervous,” said one.

Regardless, it’s fair to say some are excited to get their hands on the skins. “Ay, I don’t know about y’all but this heat I don’t care they stole CS’ flow,” a fan wrote.

“Still the coolest thing Val ever made,” another added.

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The Black Market bundle hits the in-game shop on April 12th, featuring a Bulldog, Vandal, Marshal, Classic, and Butterfly Knife Melee.

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