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Valorant players call for major changes to weapon recoil

Published: 28/Apr/2020 14:54

by Andy Williams


Valorant players are pleading with Riot to change the weapon recoil, but is it a necessary move? Or will it just ruin the shooter’s emphasis on tactical gameplay?

Valorant is all about tactical gameplay. Working together as a team and utilizing all of your team’s abilities will be far more fruitful than skill alone — something which the developers proved in their showmatch against some of the biggest streamers.

But let’s say you’re in a one-versus-three situation and the enemy team places themselves close together, Valorant’s ‘hit-or-miss’ recoil pattern makes it difficult for even the best in the world to come out on top. And it’s this that has got players calling for a change.

Valorant player looking over B-site on Bind.
Riot Games
One-tapping an enemy’s head is all well and good, but there is a significant cool down period for your recoil to reset when aiming towards a second enemy.

Does Valorant need recoil improvements?

In post captioned “Recoil reset improvement,” ‘asc3nd_’ pleaded with Riot to change the current state of weapon recoil in the game — and it appears that the sentiment reflected the general consensus within the community, as the post garnered over 4.4k upvotes and over 1k comments in less than 24 hours.

“When you burst with a rifle (any rifle) your recoil simply does not reset,” the Reddit user opened. “You need to literally wait a whole second in order for the gun to have its recoil reset so you can control it.”

The Valorant player went on to make their case for Riot to reduce the amount of time a weapon’s recoil takes to reset, arguing that it would make the game “way more enjoyable.”

Recoil reset Improvement. from VALORANT

The Valorant community are split

This, of course, sparked a debate in the comments on the balance between tactical gameplay and weapon mechanics.

One Redditor agreed with asc3nd’s points, contending that if these changes were implemented, they’d have more fun in-game. Specifically, they added that “it just seems as if they have the spray delay after shooting a little too high.”

Reddit comment.

While on the flip side, another player argued that while the game’s recoil reset does take a while, it could be for good reason (i.e. rewarding initial player accuracy). They also asserted their claims by stating: “I might be the only one, but if they give it a faster reset, it might be a little too strong.”

Reddit comment.

As a voice of reason, one user commented on the fact that Valorant are pushing for more tactically-based gameplay over “solo-entry fragger with masterful aim,” stating that the “tap impairment seems consistent to the design in that case.”

Reddit comment.

While there are clear discrepancies between player opinions, there are ways around Valorant’s ‘random’ spray patterns.

One player discovered that your weapon barrel will essentially tell you the direction of your spray. So as long as you can make adjustments on the fly, you should be able to mitigate the effects of RNG in your spray pattern to an extent.


Two OP Cypher cam spots on Bind in Valorant let you see everything

Published: 24/Oct/2020 13:03 Updated: 24/Oct/2020 13:54

by Luke Edwards


While he’s not the flashiest, Cypher is arguably one of Valorant’s most OP agents – if you know how to use him. A newly discovered camera placement on Bind B site just shows the potential power he has in grabbing info for your team to turn into an advantage.

He doesn’t provide much on attack, but on defense, Cypher is a beast. Through his camera and tripwires, he can gain valuable info on enemies’ positions without the risk of peeking into an Operator.

One of the challenges for Cypher mains is finding camera spots that maximize information gained on enemy players, while ensuring the camera is obscured enough that it doesn’t get instantly picked off.

Reddit user u/zagort420 has spotted a neat new spot on the top-right corner of B site garden that covers both B long, and the bombsite itself.


When to use this Cypher setup

This is a pretty neat option for Cypher players who watch B long. It opens up an opportunity to place the camera, then go and hang out by elbow to wait for unsuspecting attackers to enter B from long. It’s also not in a super obvious spot, making it hard for opponents to pick off without giving away their location.

It also has the flexibility for an attacking Cypher holding B site. If you’re left to protect the spike in a 1v2 situation, you can keep an eye on multiple entry points to give yourself the vision advantage.

If you want to start using this camera spot yourself, it’s probably best not to do it all the time. It’s definitely a neat trick to keep up your sleeve, but if you use it too often, it will become far too predictable.

u/ZachAttack6089 followed up this post with a better-known but similarly useful camera spot.

Hopping into a custom game to practice these placements is also crucial if you want to perfect your defensive side setup.

The key to playing Cypher effectively is to mix up your camera and tripwire placements as much as possible, and these are useful options to add to your portfolio.