Valorant players blast devs over “comically bad” battle pass XP bonus

Shay Robson
Riot Games

Valorant players are demanding changes to the “laughable” and “comically bad” battle pass XP boost that currently only gives an extra 3%.

With each Valorant episode comes a brand new battle pass for players to grind out over 50 levels. In turn, when completing the battle pass you’re rewarded with cool skins, buddies, Radianite points, and player cards.

Like many other games, when purchasing the Valorant battle pass, players also receive a 3% bonus XP boost.

However, some aren’t pleased with the “comically bad” boost when compared to other games, and are calling for changes.

Valorant gameplay on Breeze
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Valorant players are rewarded with cool skins and other cosmetics when completing their battle pass.

A Reddit thread on January 9 from Valorant fan XT3M3 hit out at the devs for how bad the battle pass bonus is. Noting that, Fortnite for example offers a 50% bonus when purchasing a battle pass, with an additional 10% boost when playing with friends.

“3% bonus in battle pass has to be one of the most laughable battle pass promotions in gaming today. I pray it’s increased in the future ones,” said XT3M3. The player continued by showing an example of how little 3% truly is: “Total XP gained after a game is 4500 XP. Now we add in the 3% bonus, it’s an extra 135 XP.”

“I don’t know about you guys, but that is comically bad. Like I get that you don’t want people gaining too much from stuff or player retention or whatever its called, but I think this should be at least 10% minimum.”

Others agreed that a 3% bonus is low, however, they expressed that it’s still easy enough to complete the battle pass: “I mean….you’re not wrong but it’s not as if you need an XP boost to complete it,” said nagatok1522.

The next battle pass is set for release on January 11 with Valorant Episode 4 Act 1, so no changes will be made for the next pass.

However, the devs could look to re-evaluate the current system for Episode 4 Act 2 in March.