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Valorant players angry over Riot’s response over “predatory” Radianite

Published: 3/Aug/2020 23:02

by Alan Bernal


Valorant players condemned a Rioters response to ire for the Radianite system in the game, with some people calling the skin upgrades exploitative and its marketing misleading.

Radianite is a separate in-game currency that people can opt-in to. While players outright buy Valorant Points (VP) with money, which they can then convert into Radanite Points (RP) to “evolve certain weapon skins and other content types in the game.”


Since first experiencing this system in the beta, the community have questioned Radianite and its place in the overall structure for premium weapon designs. “[Riot] are all exploiting people and should be ashamed of themselves,” one user responded to someone calling RP a “scam.”

Revenue Lead Joe ‘SWAGGERNAU7’ Lee chimed in to the discussion about how Riot Games gauges player sentiments for all things Valorant and how Radianite is on their radar to improve.

Riot Games via Electrcz YT
Radianite Points let players upgrade some cosmetics in Valorant.

“When we see things that we want to learn more about, we send out even more targeted surveys surrounding a particular topic or even host player labs to get real discussion going,” he said. “Radianite Points is one of those topics where we’re digging into more on.”

Lee didn’t go into more details about where the company currently is with addressing the concerns. But the lack of information in a thread focused on the strange Radianite marketing in-game left a sour note for people.

“You have some nerve to pull the ‘we need more information’ BS when you know your pricing system is misleading and predatory,” one user wrote. “You claim to be a gamer and a part of the community, but it’s clear through your words and actions you’re just another corporate drone who insults everyone’s intelligence and exploits the playerbase to chase the bottom line.”

Many were reluctant to accept Lee’s response to growing concerns over Radianite.

That was just one of a few pointed comments at Lee for touching on the polarizing issue. There are those who are happy to have ways of upgrading cosmetics to have robust features, while others see inherent problems in the Radianite system.

Riot has detailed their intentions for RP in the past while describing their intentions for the system, but players still want to see changes to the pricing structure and the rewards it unlocks.


Riot fix Sova and Phoenix ultimate bugs after Valorant Patch 1.09

Published: 1/Oct/2020 8:24 Updated: 1/Oct/2020 8:33

by Andrew Amos


Missed Phoenix calling out the signature “jokes over, you’re dead” after Valorant Patch 1.09? How about Sova yelling “nowhere to run” at the top of his lungs? You weren’t alone, with both Agents having voice line bugs after the update. Thankfully, they’re now fixed.

Being able to hear ultimate voice lines in Valorant is more important than you think. They are a crucial indicator of understanding what is happening across the map. If you didn’t know Raze pulled out a Showstopper, you could just be destroyed.


However, after Valorant Patch 1.09, certain Agents had their ultimate voice lines disabled ⁠— namely Sova and Phoenix. The bug made the duo even more infuriating to play against.

Phoenix using Run It Back in Valorant
Riot Games
Every Agent has a global voiceline for their ultimates, but some like Phoenix were pretty quiet after Valorant Patch 1.09. Ironic for Phoenix, at least.

Without hearing either ultimate go off, you don’t know if you’re safe. The Phoenix you just killed could have been mid-ultimate. You won’t know to keep your eyes up for a Sova ultimate too until you see the big Hunter’s Fury charge coming right at you.


This, obviously, led to player outrage. It made the two Agents even more sneaky than they should have been. With audio cues being so crucial, losing them was a massive disadvantage.

However, Riot has finally fixed the problem, just 24 hours after the release of the update. They have isolated the issue, and hopefully quashed the bug for good.

They have also fixed issues with the game crashing after the update. Players noted that if they alt-tabbed at the wrong time, or were holding down tab while the new round loaded in, they would be kicked from the game.


It would be a hassle to try and rejoin, and by the time they did, players would have often conceded a lot of rounds or even defeat. Riot are hoping that issue is no longer a problem however.

The patch has been shipped out to all regions at the time of publishing, but it remains to be seen if the fix is working perfectly as intended. It’s also unclear if there are sound cue issues with other Agents.

Be sure to keep both an ear and an eye out for Phoenix and Sova, because if you don’t hear their ultimates going off, you’ll need to look just that bit harder.