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Valorant Patch 1.08 leak reveals update on mobile version

Published: 21/Sep/2020 11:53

by Andy Williams


A new Valorant leak has surfaced following Patch 1.08, which hints towards the fact that Riot are looking to take their tactical shooter to iOS and Android!

Riot built Valorant from the ground up, with the sole intention of making this the best game it could be for PC. But when millions poured into Future Earth’s servers and interest spiked, the game’s potential to port across to other platforms was soon noticed.

Based on Riot’s response to community requests — such as the inclusion of Spike Rush and Deathmatch, balancing Agents and tweaking Competitive ranks — it’s evident that the League of Legends developers are in this for the long-haul.


By shaping Valorant around the consumer, Riot are creating a loyal fanbase that will want to keep returning back to Future Earth. But despite their best efforts, a big portion of the market is still missing out on Valorant: the mobile market.

Valorant mobile gameplay
bhristofer (Reddit)
Porting Valorant over to mobile is no easy task, considering it was designed with the PC player in mind.

Valorant leak shows promise for mobile release

Valorant’s Game Director, Joe Ziegler, has previously stated that Riot are “exploring” the option of bringing the Future Earth experience to mobile. But since then, little has been offered by way of an update.

But according to Valorant YouTuber ‘SkillCapped,’ a new string of code has emerged in the game files following Patch 1.08.

According to SkillCapped, the new line of code refers to the ability to perform an action by tapping on the right-hand side of the screen — a feature only available on touch screen devices, such as iOS and Android platforms.


Segment begins at 4:10 for mobile users.

While this is only a small update in the grand scheme of things, it still shows that Riot are working on Valorant’s potential mobile UI and aligning it with updates as they release. And as the YouTuber suggests, if Riot are considering a mobile release, then the possibility of a console release is also on the cards.

Indeed, Ziegler has recently confirmed that they’re working on bringing Valorant to console by stating that Riot have a dedicated team towards assessing the feasibility of shipping the title over to Xbox and PlayStation.

But of course, the datamined string of code pertaining to mobile must be taken with a pinch of salt, until Riot release an official statement announcing their progress.