Valorant mode rotations: what is the next mode and when does it start?

Riot Games

As Riot Games continue to expand Valorant’s list of limited time modes, it seems like they’ve solidified a plan to introduce mode rotations in the near future.

While Valorant’s three core modes (Spike Rush, Unrated and Rated) have already taken the gaming universe by storm, the title’s less competitive modes have also breathed fresh air not just into Riot’s flagship FPS, but the genre in general.

We’ve seen Snowball Mode appear to celebrate the festive period, followed by the chaotic Escalation mode. Replication has also surfaced in-game, and is a fun take on League of Legends’ iconic All-For-One idea.

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Turns out, though, that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these fun modes, as Riot have devised a rotation system to make sure we get ample chance to play them all year round.

Brimstone smokes Valorant replication game modeRiot Games
Valorant Replication mode sees players all take control of the same Agent, and it’s utter chaos.

What modes are included?

We expect that more fun and games will be joining Valorant’s three existing LTMs, especially considering Modes Senior Producer Lisa Ohanian’s promise of “cool modes-related news” coming soon.

Currently, the mode rotation will include:

  • Snowball
  • Escalation
  • Replication

While the order is currently unclear, we presume that Snowball may be the first mode to return as it hasn’t seen play in a long time. Escalation would follow, then Replication in order of release.

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When will Valorant modes rotate?

Phoenix and Viper in Valorant EscalationRiot Games
Happy days for Viper and Phoenix! You’ll be able to steal Raze’s launcher as often as you like.

According to Ohanian, Valorant’s modes will rotate every two weeks in line with the title’s biweekly patch notes.

From here, Riot will run the rotation for a few cycles until they choose to “reassess what to do longer-term (and how some of our other cool things in the works are going).”

Importantly, though, Ohanian highlights that player feedback is key. It’s important to let the devs know what you’re thinking, as “frankly we’d like to pay attention to how you feel about this approach first, and make sure that we factor that in.”

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When will Valorant mode rotations start?

snowball mode valorantRiot Games
Turns out we’ll be able to enjoy Snowball Mode all year round!

Valorant mode rotations will begin as soon as Replication leaves the game. This is set for May 25. The modes will start rotating as of May 26.

That’s everything we know so far about Riot’s plans for a Valorant mode rotation. We’ll keep this page up to date with all of the latest info, and be sure to check out our dedicated Valorant page for all the latest news.

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