Valorant leaks reveal multiple new game modes including a 1v1 playlist

. 4 weeks ago
Valorant gameplay
Riot Games

Newly leaked screenshots of Valorant’s menu appear to have revealed multiple new game modes in the works ranging from Quick Play to a dedicated 1v1 playlist.

When Valorant launched in 2020, it did so with just its traditional Plant and Defuse game type. Since then, we’ve seen Deathmatch added as a core mode along with a number of limited-time variants on rotation like Escalation and Spike Rush.

While devs have teased new additions for quite some time, we’re yet to see any permanent fixtures land alongside those staple modes. However, that could finally be set to change in a nearby update.

Leaked images of Valorant’s main menu have now revealed a number of new additions in the pipeline and while not all are guaranteed to make it through, it could be painting the picture of what’s to come. From an in-game tournament hub to a 1v1 playlist, here’s what we know.

New screenshots from Valorant’s menus surfaced on May 31 as players got their first look at supposed changes coming to the game mode layout. While all the familiar faces are still visible in Competitive, Unrated, Custom Games, and the like, a handful of new surprises could also be seen.

Quickplay, 1v1, and a separate Tournaments section were all present in the latest round of leaks.

Although there’s no telling for certain at this time what Quickplay might entail, it appears to coexist alongside Unrated. Rather than outright replacing the full-length option, Quickplay could offer a bite-sized alternative with fewer rounds, making for a speedier option to have some fun with.

Details also remain scarce around the leaked 1v1 mode, though rules are self-explanatory. Smaller chunks of various maps are sure to be cut out as players compete in multiple rounds of individual gunfights. Exactly what weapons you’ll have, the number of rounds required to win, and if there’s potential for a 1v1 ladder, are all unclear for now.

Valorant gameplay
Riot Games
Quickplay could offer a fast-paced option while keeping Valorant’s round-based design intact.

As for in-game tournaments, Riot has long teased this addition as a similar system to Clash in League of Legends. While devs have been tight-lipped for the past few years, it could finally be launching in the near future if these leaks hold true.

No different from usual though, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt for now. Even if the leaked images are authentic, there’s no guarantee every new addition makes its way to the live game anytime soon.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with any further details as we approach the next major update in Episode 5.

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