Valorant leak reveals new ‘downed’ mechanic that could be for a new game mode

Valorant LeakRiot Games

A new data mined Valorant leak has uncovered an as-yet unreleased ‘downed’ mechanic. The leak has got players wondering about the potential for new modes where such a mechanic could be implemented.

Valorant is known mainly for its competitive scene, focused on strategic FPS action, with players determined to climb the ladder and reach the top ranks.

While this is the focus for a lot of players, others love to jump into the less aggressive game modes. From Spike Rush to limited time modes such as Snowball and Escalation, there’s something for everyone.

The leak of a new downed mechanic in testing has got players speculating about what kind of mode it could be used for.

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Escalation Mode Valorant brimstone with Sova's Hunters BowRiot Games
Valorant’s “Escalation Mode” can be chaotic fun.

Reliable Valorant data miner ‘Valorleaks‘ has shared new strings, following the 2.08 update, that shows Riot are cooking up something new to inject some more chaos into Future Earth.

It appears that there will be some sort of system that lets players ‘down’ their enemies. The opposing player can be revived, meaning that they can rejoin the Valorant fray. Other than using Sage’s ultimate, this isn’t something that is currently available in-game.

Downed state in Valorant

  • Downed health = 100HP.
  • When revived = 50HP
  • Max downed time = 15s.
  • Revive takes 2s.
  • You can Revive from 2m away.
  • “REVIVE” and “REVIVING” will show as you get close to a downed player.

As with any data mined leak, it’s important not to jump to too many conclusions, but players have already started speculating about the possibility of a battle royale mode. Could Valorant be experimenting with a system that would mirror Fortnite or Apex Legends’ gameplay?

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Speaking of Apex Legends, we already know they’re going in the opposite direction, and introducing a round-based mode called Arenas, with set spawns, and an economy system to buy gear from a shop.

Of course, nothing is confirmed as of yet. As further details emerge we’ll keep you up-to-date with all of the latest regarding what this means.

Until then, though, don’t expect a teammate to revive you if you take a particularly nasty headshot. Sadly, you’re just going to stay dead.