Valorant Game Changers player anime keycaps set community on fire

Valorant Game Changers player keyboardRiot Games

A player competing at the Valorant Game Changers World Championships has set the community on fire for her top row of keycaps featuring blushing anime characters.

Guild X lost against Shopify Rebellion on the second day of competition at the Game Changers World Championship 2-1, but the team was still able to end the day on a high note as Vivian ‘roxi’ Schilling’s keyboard was shown on the broadcast.

A shot of roxi’s top row of keycaps, featuring blushing anime characters with suggestive faces, took off on Twitter and Reddit after her match. The photo was met with comments like “certified gamer moment” and “based” from the Valorant community.

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Players at the event bring their own peripheral equipment to the stage to compete, including a mouse and keyboard, so roxi custom-built, or ordered, the keyboard herself and brought it to Berlin to compete at the Valorant Game Changers event.

roxi is a former Counter-Strike pro player that made the switch to Valorant in 2021. She is also a former streamer known for her time representing the German esports organization BIG.

Valorant players have been known to show off their computer gear and other individual talents onstage at international events in team walkouts and celebrations. The Game Changers event has been no different with teams playing toward the crowd.

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Valorant Game Changer player shows off unique keycaps

Valorant Game Changers is a women’s, and other marginalized gender identies in some regions, only tournament circuit that is running its first world championship in 2022. The competition features eight teams from various regions including North America, Europe, Brazil, Latin America, APAC and East Asia.

The competition began on November 15 and will continue until November 20 with the grand final. The event features a $500,000 prize pool and is played on LAN at the League of Legends European Championship studio.