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Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass: new skins, tiers, more

Published: 1/Sep/2021 16:00 Updated: 1/Sep/2021 16:04

by Lauren Bergin


The Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass has been revealed. Once again this pass comes with plenty of bang for your buck, providing all-new skins, sprays, and more.

A new Valorant Battlepass system is here once again for Episode 3 Act 2, with a whole new set of tiers for players to look through.

Dropping on September 8 with the launch of the new map “Fracture,” it will be the very first Battlepass to feature skins for the Phantom, Vandal and Operator. Along with that, it’ll also have the usual 50 tiers of goodies, including new skins, gun buddies, cards, and more.

Here’s what you need to know about the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass.


Valorant Fracture map
Riot Games
Fracture is the seventh map to join Valorant’s ever-expanding universe.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass

There are two tracks to the Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass. You can of course progress for free, and get a limited set of rewards. Or, you can pick up the Premium battle pass for 1,000 VP ⁠— roughly $10. The same as every other Battlepass that’s come before.

The paid track, as always, gives you access to more items, including the coveted Artisan Phantom and Nitro Operator. If you need some more skins, or just want some Radianite or other rewards, it’s worth the investment.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass skins

Looking to add a sleek feel to this Battlepass with the Artisan and Varnish skins, this is the first one to feature skins for the Operator, Phantom and Vandal – the weapons that are largely deemed the game’s most powerful.


“Artisan and Varnish should feel like they’re made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy,” writes Art Lead Sean Marino.

Below are all of the different skins for each different gun. Bear in mind that the Artisan skins have red, blue and green variants, too.










Operator Vandal







Sprays and buddies

This time around the devs have taken a more playful approach to all of the little side accessories that we also get as part of the Battlepass. “For the accessories, we tried to incorporate a lot more jokes and memes into this Battlepass,” notes Marino. “Especially since players really seemed to enjoy some of the more meme stuff we’d put into others.”


With Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar stating that “the Follow Me Buddy is probably the best buddy we’ve ever put in a Battlepass,” the hype is real.

When will the Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass end?

The Battlepass will coincide with the release of the new Act, which is Wednesday, September 8, and will run over the course of eight weeks.