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Valorant devs tease new game modes to break up competitive “stress”

Published: 16/Sep/2020 2:30

by Brad Norton


New casual modes could soon be on the way to Valorant as Riot Games is looking for more ways to break up the stress of a lengthy competitive grind.

Riot’s tactical FPS currently boasts just three game types. There’s the standard plant and defuse gameplay found across casual and competitive playlists. You have your Spike Rush mode for some lightning-fast rounds. Now there’s also a deathmatch mode to help warm up your aim.

On top of these modes, players have access to a solo training space, though that rounds out every playable aspect of Valorant. For the time being, no additional modes are on the horizon, though developers have teased what’s in the works for future updates.

Rather than adding more traditional game types, Riot is looking to “flesh out” the systems around it, Game Director Joe Ziegler told USGamer. Here’s what the developers are working on to create more of a social experience around the competitive modes.

Valorant deathmatch gameplay
Riot Games
Deathmatch was the last mode added to Valorant.

Riot wants more “social” game modes for Valorant

“Social downtime” is a key factor that Ziegler addressed. Riot wants to keep players engaged in the window between competitive matches. Whether it’s cooperative warm-up spaces or simple in-game areas to hang out, they want to promote new social features to keep everyone playing.

“Those are the spaces that I think we’re going to continue see growing around Valorant. More tools to help you compete, but also more tools to actually help you just a live a more full life inside of Valorant,” he said.

One of the main reasons that social features are being prioritized is to help alleviate stress, Ziegler explained. Going through a lengthy session often sees players trying to work their way through ranks and reach new peaks. This can obviously be a draining experience with little to break up the intense action.

Riot wants to provide new social spaces to let everyone cool off, instead of pushing through “very stressful competitive games back-to-back.”

Valorant training range
Riot Games
Perhaps a cooperative training range might soon be available.

There’s no telling exactly what form these social experiences may take, though it sounds like multiple features may be on the way. Core game modes could still be on the cards for nearby updates, however, so expect to see a mix of casual and competitive additions moving forward.

New modes aren’t the only thing Riot is working on either. With more and more Agents in the pipeline, developers also teased that a pick-ban system could soon be added to the FPS.


Ubisoft responds to Watch Dogs Legion bug overheating & crashing Xbox

Published: 28/Oct/2020 13:10 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 13:13

by Andrew Highton


Ubisoft have confirmed they are working on a fix for a devastating Watch Dogs Legion bug already, which is forcing Xbox One X consoles to not only overheat but shut down completely. 

Just as the review embargo for Watch Dogs Legion lifted on October 27, a catastrophic bug was reported. The issue will actually cause the Xbox to stop working, in some cases, forcing its developers to publicly admit a huge issue – despite previously stating it was the  “recommended platform for reviewers”.

The bug seemingly occurs during an aptly titled mission “404”. It’s currently unclear if it can emerge during any other missions, as of the time of writing.

Ubisoft have since addressed the issue with a simple message for reviews and potential players of the game.

A character riding a bike in Watch Dogs Legion
Is the game currently unplayable?

Ubisoft respond to Watch Dogs Legion bug

The bug is not a one-off either, as multiple outlets have reported that they get the same message. At some point during the mission, the Xbox console warns the player that the console is about to shut down because it’s overheating badly.

Ubisoft have since issued this statement with regards to the matter: “We’re aware of this issue and there will be a hot fix due to be released on 30th October which should help.”

Whilst it’s positive that they are already on the case to try and solve the mystery of this bug, it also means that the game could be currently unplayable for everyone with a copy of the game on release date. An unfinishable game is not ideal for Ubisoft who’ve worked tirelessly on Watch Dogs Legion and have promoted it a lot – as you would expect.

It remains to be seen how effective the hotfix is going to be. If Ubisoft can work furiously then this watch Dogs Legion bug may be fixed earlier than anticipated.

The release date for Legion is actually October 29, meaning players could spend a full day with the game and being unable to play it. If more information is confirmed, we’ll update this article and keep you updated.