Valorant devs respond to Vanguard anti-cheat causing PC issues

Riot Games

Riot Games have released an update to Valorant’s anti-cheat measure, Vanguard, in response to the mounting issues that were blocking drivers from players’ PCs.

The problems stemmed from the program’s incompatibility with certain drivers that were more prone to getting hacked. That was causing players to experience problems on their PC, such as port malfunctions.

“Most of the previously blocked drivers should now work,” Riot said. “Some egregious ones will cause the game not to start but now very few will be blocked outright.”

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The Valorant community have been experiencing problems with Vanguard.

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The devs said that there will still be some instances where the game won’t open, so to not let up on denying access to some of the more vulnerable ports. This move came after players were reporting disabled peripherals like their mouse and keyboard.

“Finally, two days without my keyboard and mouse,” one user said in relief.

But the devs aren’t going to let up on the program entirely. There will still be some drivers that get blocked, though most bad cases should just stop Valorant from starting in the first place.

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This will be a relief to the portion of the community who have been experiencing technical difficulties stemming from Vanguard.

Speaking of which, players have been responding with general approval for the hotfix. While some still have concerns about the deep-rooted anti-cheat measure, Riot’s quick turnaround and willingness to change a standing concern among players was encouraging among people.

“Yeah, it’s definitely refreshing, it’s a good change and shows a lot of willingness to work with the community, which is nice to see from the Valorant Devs,” user ‘mwilson579’ said, a sentiment that many shared in their own replies.

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Valorant is sure to evolve as the beta goes on.

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The beta has been a revolving door of general enhancements that need to be made from hitbox fixes to sound issues, although Agent updates and more came in the 0.49 patch update.

These changes have been working to improve on the player’s in-game experience in many cases, but the latest hotfix will let the game’s program be more compatible with PCs instead of causing frustrating issues.

Riot still have a few months until the full Summer 2020 release, so expect more fixes like these to come directly out of community feedback throughout the beta.

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