Valorant devs finally set to fix hilarious bug leaving players stuck together

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Valorant devs are finally planning on fixing a long-existing bug that leaves players hopelessly stuck together on Pearl. 

Valorant is quite a mechanically loaded game. With its plethora of abilities, weapons, and characters, countless variables can lead to some awkward situations. From a Killjoy turret bug that caused a scandal at Champions 2022, to Jett super-dashes on various maps, we’ve seen a number of clunky interactions over the years.

In a Reddit post on the Valorant subreddit, one player shared of video of themselves and an ally Gekko getting stuck in Pearl’s mid Sewers during the buy round. They both were trying to get into the small sewer opening at the same time, which caused a hilarious issue in which they were left glued together. 

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They both found the humor in it, laughing it off as they tried to move out of each other’s way. Their ally Raze even asked if he could join in. 

They eventually managed to un-stick themselves by using two Raze Satchels, an unfortunate solution seeing as Raze can’t get them back until the next round. Before the Satchels, however, they were about to waste an Astra Pull in desperation. 

Of course, players shouldn’t have to waste precious utility to get themselves out of a bug they can’t control. Which is why a dev, Soeze, replied to the post, asking players to share other instances of it happening. 

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Just like any bug, they wanted to know the conditions from when the bug occurred. Many others were quick to chime in with similar experiences, with some claiming the issue has been around for a number of months. Fortunately, it appears devs are now on the case to get this one fixed before long.

And of course, a number of commenters just started posting the door-stuck meme in response.

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