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Valorant devs explain why they’re not making any more Ultra skins like Elderflame

Published: 8/Jun/2021 13:25 Updated: 8/Jun/2021 13:26

by Lauren Bergin


In the wake of the Valorant Origin skins appearing online, players have set their sights on a new Ultra tier skin line. However, Riot have confirmed that we’ll need to wait a little bit longer.

Whether you’re an avid skin collector or just buy the odd one here and there, Riot Games’ Valorant has become renowned for having some of the craziest cosmetics of any FPS.

While the Agents themselves don’t have skins and, by the looks of it, likely never will have, your arsenal can be kitted out with everything from stunning, dragon-themed Elderflame skins to adorable little gun buddies.


Speaking of the Elderflame bundle, though, sadly it turns out we might not be getting anything of the same Ultra-style caliber for quite a while…

reload elderflame skin valorant
Riot Games
Valorant’s now iconic Elderflame skins have some seriously cool animations.

Valorant Origin skins spark debate

The most recent skins to appear in the Valorant universe are the Origin skins. With a gun-metal grey body and minty green, neon inlays, fans are ready to cop the bundle when it eventually drops.

The new cosmetics have inspired quite a bit of debate, with Riot’s devs and players discussing the future of the title’s skin drops on Reddit.

One fan asked the devs whether or not they “plan on doing another Ultra edition bundle like Elderflame,” but the response maybe wasn’t quite what they wanted to hear.


Valorant’s Producer for Premium content, Preeti ‘Preeti’ Khanolkar, revealed that there are “no plans at the moment for another Ultra. Skins are hard to make, especially Ultras.”

Ultra skins are currently the game’s highest tier of cosmetic. Marked by a yellow Diamond, they average around $120 US for the whole collection, and $30 per individual skin.

While that sounds like a pretty insane amount of money, for a lot of players the unique weapon animations and death scenes are absolutely worth it.

As Preeti states, a lot of work goes into their design, so they aren’t churned out as often as Select, Premium or Deluxe skins. In turn, this makes them quite the prize (and also a great flex!)


So sure, we might not be getting any Ultra skins soon, but they’re very likely to be worth the wait!