Valorant devs confirm agent changes coming – but not as quickly as players want

Shay Robson
Riot Games

Valorant devs have confirmed that more agent updates are on the way after the patch 4.0 notes reveal no agent balancing changes for Episode 4’s release.

In a recent Riot Games blog post, the Valorant developers confirmed that all agents would be under the magnifying glass in the New Year for balancing changes. The devs also revealed that the next year of Valorant would have an increased focus on agent updates.

The first update of the year being the Episode 4 Act 1 release, the patch 4.0 notes showed no balancing changes for existing agents – with the only changes being the introduction of Valorant’s 18th agent, Neon.

However, the devs have confirmed that the agenda updates will be spread out over a few upcoming patches.

valorant neon
Riot Games
Neon is the 18th agent to join Valorant’s fast-growing roster.

On January 7, Valorant developer Coleman ‘Altombre‘ Palm responded to a few concerned commenters about the lack of agent changes in the patch 4.0 Reddit thread.

“No agent changes coming next week,” questioned Valorant player Kawaiiwaffledesu. “Some good changes but the notes are still a bit light. Need agent changes especially before VCT starts,” said another player.

The concerned comments prompted Altombre to reply confirming agent changes are on the way in the future patches after 4.0: “Agent changes will be spread out over a few patches!”

Valorant patch 4.0 (Episode 4 Act 1) is set for release on January 11. While it doesn’t bring any of the promised agent changes, there’s still a slew of map changes, weapon balancing and competitive changes included.

Following Riot’s traditional bi-weekly patch schedule, the earliest we should see any of the anticipated agent updates will be in patch 4.1 which is expected to release on January 25.