Valorant devs break the internet by canonizing Raze & Killjoy relationship

Valorant raze killjoyRiot Games

Valorant developers just canonized a wonderfully pure relationship between Raze and Killjoy, resulting in the internet celebrating their official coming out.

Prior to their official coming out and relationship reveal, the two popular Valorant characters were implied to be an item many times throughout the lore, but it was never explicitly stated or confirmed until December 12.

The Valorant Twitter account posted a picture of the two sharing a kiss in a festive area, a moment the community celebrated.

Even before the confirmation, Riot teased a connection between the two with many subtle hints sprinkled throughout the lore.

They shared a number unique voice lines together for starters. In one of them, Raze asks her now significant other “Killjoy, after this, you wanna do some… Tinkering?” Prior to the official reveal, the pause in the voice line always seemed a bit suspicious to the players. Now we know why.

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“Sure, but if anything explodes again, you are telling Brim,” Killjoy replies.

In another interaction, Killjoy tells her significant other “drive them crazy Raze, you’re good at that.”

The community noted this in the past. One Redditor even begged Riot to “just let them be girlfriends please,” a demand that has clearly been answered.

“They really went girl who breaks stuff and girl who build stuff together huh,” one player joked. “Opposites attract,” another replied.

The community came together to celebrate the happy couple. “I knew that package had KJ’s beanie but THIS OMG AHSJKAHHSJSJ” one Twitter user exclaimed, ecstatic for the two.

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“I do not care for Valorant but I do care for gay people so neat,” Vtuber Tyler ‘Kwite’ Wirkz commented on Twitter.