Valorant devs announce Fracture rework on the way in nearby update

Valorant Fracture mapRiot Games

Fracture is the next Valorant map in line for an overhaul as Riot Games has revealed what players can expect from the new rework in the near future.

Almost a full year ago Valorant’s map pool grew to seven with the arrival of Fracture. The unique location set amid New Mexico was unlike anything prior, with enormous gaps through the middle only traversable on two ziplines under the map.

While it has seen a number of smaller adjustments over the past 11 months, Fracture has been relatively unchanged in terms of overall geometry. Just attack barriers and Orbs have been repositioned since it launched but now, we know for certain more sizeable tweaks on the way.

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A Fracture rework is currently in the pipeline at Riot, as Maps & Modes Design Lead Joe Lansford revealed in an August 25 TikTok video.

“So Fracture’s been out for almost a year now. We’re working on a couple of changes right now,” Lansford revealed. While he refused to spill all the beans right away, that didn’t stop him from teasing a few of the more intriguing adjustments on the way.

“The high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map,” he explained. Without divulging specifics, this could mean anything from lighting changes to the subtle repositioning of various elements.

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Just two particular areas were mentioned by name in the brief clip, as both A site and Dish are expected to be overhauled to some degree.

These adjustments will “hopefully make A site a little more defensible,” Lansford said. “Maybe some changes around Dish to make that area a little more usable for both teams.”

As for when we can expect these changes to go live, no exact timeline was given. Though Lansford assured we’ll see the new version of Fracture “soon,” so players shouldn’t have to wait much longer.