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Valorant dev explains extra Yoru buff missing from 2.06 patch notes

Published: 3/Apr/2021 12:34

by Luke Edwards


After sitting at the very bottom of the Valorant Agent tier list for far too long, Yoru received some love from Riot in patch 2.06. On top of this, a dev has revealed an extra buff that was left out of the original patch notes.

Despite having a massively hyped release, Japanese Duelist Yoru never really found his footing in the Valorant meta, with players preferring the likes of Reyna and Jett when it came to taking on opponents.

This led to Yoru being largely left in the gutter. In high elo, he was widely considered a troll pick, with both the lowest win rate and pick rate in the entire game, and how the blue-haired Agent should be fixed became a major point of debate.


Yoru was finally given some much-needed buffs in the 2.06 update, with adjustments to his flash, ult and teleport instantly making him a much more viable option for players across the board.

Valorant Yoru gameplay
Riot Games
Patch 2.06’s Yoru buffs were more than needed.

However, a neat change to Yoru’s ultimate was left out of the patch notes, which sees the “unequip time” when leaving his ultimate, Dimensional Drift, reduced to 0.6s from 1.0s, a 40% reduction.

“This change should help Yoru feel slightly more combat ready when leaving Dimensional Drift,” Valorant game designer rycou explained.

“Though we don’t want Yoru being able to completely assassinate enemies without there being some counter-play, coming out of Dimensional Drift has been a bit of a death trap previously.


“Hopefully, Yoru can start to punish enemies that do not respect his presence.”

Rycou also confirmed that Yoru’s ability to use his footsteps to fake entering the Bind teleporters – which produces the regular “agent entry” sound – is an intentional feature, not a bug.

This change to his ultimate should hopefully make it much more viable for getting through a defense, rather than being used almost exclusively as a glorified means of scouting out enemy positions.

Either way, this bonus buff will be welcomed by Yoru fans of all skill levels.