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Valorant dev confirms 5 free and more unlockable agents at launch

Published: 12/Mar/2020 13:34

by Joe O'Brien


A Valorant developer has revealed that the game will launch with around 10 agents, but only five will be automatically unlocked.

In an interview with IGN, Valorant executive producer Anna Donion stated that “of the ten or so agents available at Valorant’s launch, five will be fully unlocked out of the gate.”

As for the rest of the agents, however, it seems players will have to earn them. New characters will apparently be unlocked through an “engagement-incentivized model” that will also be used to unlock tiers on the game’s battle pass.

Valorant gameplay.
Riot Games
Valorant will be released with “10 or so” agents available, but only five will be automatically unlocked.

However, for those without the time or inclination to play the game enough to unlock new agents, it will be possible to take a shortcut and simply buy the characters directly. Riot state:

“Players will have the option of earning in-game content through playing and engaging with the game, or they can choose to purchase desired content as a shortcut.”

This is a similar approach to the way Riot handles champions in League of Legends, where players can simply spend real money to buy characters, but it’s also possible to unlock them for free by earning in-game currency Blue Essence for playing the game.

Riot Games
Different agents have different abilities in Valorant.

Agents in Valorant won’t offer any differences in base statistics like health, movement speed, or hitbox size, but each agent does have its own set of unique abilities. While all have access to the same weapons, the agents you have unlocked could influence the strategies you are able to run in the game.

It appears a similar system will likely be used for the game’s battle pass, which is set to offer both free and “premium” tiers. Riot have promised, however, that there won’t be the ability to pay for gameplay advantages, so players don’t have to worry about any “pay to win” features.

Valorant doesn’t yet have an official release date, but it is expected to launch in Summer 2020. Before then, there is expected to be a beta testing period that will give fans a chance to get their hands of the game, but Riot have yet to announce any official details.


Valorant Sensation skin bundle revealed: price, release date

Published: 3/Dec/2020 12:43

by Lauren Bergin


Just in time for the First Strike Global Finals, Riot Games have released the new rainbow-themed Valorant Sensation skins. Here’s everything you need to know, including skin prices and release date. 

Valorant fans have long been awaiting some new skins, especially after the patch 1.11 disaster has left Riot devs a little reluctant to release biweekly patches and updates.

The last notable skin bundle were the Ion skins, a futuristic take on the in-game weapons. This time, however, in the spirit of celebration the new Valorant skins certainly live up to their name: the Sensation Skins.

A very different look from anything we’ve seen before, here’s everything you need to know about the Sensation skin line.

Sensation bundle price

Each gun skin in the Sensation bundle will cost 875 VP.

For those looking to celebrate first strike rainbow style, the Sensation bundle is available for 2930 VP, which puts it in the ‘Select Edition’ Tier.

Here are the weapons with skins in this bundle:

  • Frenzy
  • Judge
  • Odin
  • Stinger
  • Vandal

Release date

The Sensation skins will be available to purchase on December 3, so you can jump into Valorant right now and pick them up.

Check out some of the images of the weapons and variants:


Valorant Frenzy Sensation Skin


Valorant Sensation Judge Skin


Valorant Odin Sensation Skin


Valorant Sensation Stinger


Vandal Sensation Valorant

The Sensation bundle joins the massive array of skins now available in Valorant, as Riot are still adding cosmetics at a remarkable rate. You can see every skin bundle in Valorant here.