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Valorant dev addresses complaints about map design

Published: 3/May/2020 23:05 Updated: 3/May/2020 23:08

by Michael Kelly


Valorant developer Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garozzo has responded to criticism surrounding the design of the game’s maps.

The former Counter-Strike world champion and famed map designer has been under fire as of late from the community, as players have been complaining about the oversaturation of corners on each of the game’s three maps.

“Once teams start getting really proficient…it ends up being really helpful having those corners,” Volcano said in response to the criticism.

Riot Games
Complaints surrounding Valorant’s maps come days after the game launched ranked play.

Additionally, concerns regarding the simplicity of each map have players worried if Valorant can stack up in the already crowded competitive FPS field.

“We’re always keeping an eye on it,” he said in regards to the game’s corners and complexity. “There is a reason for it being that way, given how much flesh utility and recon utility is in the game.”

With this in mind, players will obviously need to use all of the tools at their disposal to get the upper hand on their enemies through recon and scouting.

Volcano’s response to complaints about maps from r/VALORANT

Still, even with an embarrassment of riches in the resource department, players are worried that Valorant’s relatively weaker maps will prevent the game from gaining traction in the long term – especially when compared to the genre’s long-term titan, CS:GO.

Volcano, who’s famous for designing Counter-Strike maps such as Cache, has a lengthy history designing levels for tactical shooters. He spoke a little bit on the playtesting process behind Valorant maps.

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“We’ve had versions of the maps without those corners,” the designer admitted. “It gets really difficult to play any sort of spot with all those recon tools.”

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With this in mind, it’s fair to say that the testing process resulted in significantly better maps hitting the current version of the game.

And as it sits in beta, it’s fair to assume that a lot can change between now and Valorant’s proposed summer release date. “We’re keeping an eye on it, seeing how it is going forward,” he said in regards to the FPS’ development cycle.


Summit1G explains the biggest issue with Valorant’s Stinger

Published: 23/Oct/2020 13:09

by Jacob Hale


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar is a fairly accomplished gamer in many realms and genres — but he has vowed to never use the Stinger SMG in Valorant ever again after a rough go of it.

Riot Games’ first foray into the first-person shooter genre has been a success, with many top streamers and pro players from other games immediately falling in love with the gameplay and making the switch to it.

Obviously, while the game is fun, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, as any player will attest to, whether it be the Agents’ abilities, bugs, or weapons in the game.

Now, Summit has had it with one particular gun: the Stinger SMG. And he’s promised to never use it again.

Valorant Stinger
Riot Games
The Stinger is commonly regarded as one of the worst weapons in the game.

While playing as Omen on Haven, Summit’s team was taking a beating, down 11-3, and he decided to buy the Stinger to see if it can help turn the team’s fortunes around.

As luck would have it, his team did actually win the round — no thanks to Summit’s Stinger, though.

“That’s not my aim, that gun sucks d**k,” he said, as his chat started laughing at some of his missed shots. “You shoot that gun for three bullets before it just does what it wants. I will never buy that gun again, dude. I don’t know how people play like this.”

As specified in our guide to the very best weapons in Valorant, the Stinger is arguably one of the worst guns in the game.

The Spectre SMG is far more favorable in its class, so we’ll likely see Summit opt to use that more in the future if he wants a submachine gun and to rush into the thick of the action. At the very least, we know full well that he won’t be touching the Stinger again unless it gets a considerable buff.