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Valorant Crossover Pass: Free event pass, player cards & more

Published: 22/Jun/2022 14:00 Updated: 22/Jun/2022 11:39

by Sourav Banik


Valorant is going to host a new Crossover Event as a token of celebration for the release of Episode 5 with the new map, Pearl. So here’s a rundown of every item you can claim from this event.

Valorant’s new episode starts on June 22, and with that, a ton of fresh new content is arriving in the game. Starting with the new Atlantis-styled Pearl map to the latest battle pass and collection of skins, players will have plenty of new content to enjoy.

To further commemorate this milestone for the tactical FPS, Riot Games has decided to introduce a new limited-time event for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s get right into the details of the new Crossover Pass Event in Valorant.



Valorant Crossover Pass Event start date & time

The Crossover Pass Event will run for three weeks, starting on June 22 and ending on July 13, 2022. The event both starts and ends at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 9 PM GMT / 2:30 AM IST.

This event will feature impressive Player Cards that are comic book-themed. Unlike the Battle Pass, this one comes at no extra cost and has a total of seven levels to complete.

These seven levels include two Titles, three Player Cards, and two Radianite Levels (20 Radianite Points).

an image of some rewards from the Crossover Pass Event in Valorant
Riot Games
The Crossover Pass Event will have enough time to collect all the rewards.

Valorant Crossover Pass content

Historically, events like the Crossover Pass have always included some decent content and it’s no different this time around. Here’s a rundown of all items included with this event:


  • Two Titles: Dimensional and Double Agent
  • Three Player Cards: Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion
  • 20 Radianite Points

Upon completion, players can flaunt their collection and there’s plenty of time to collect all the rewards before the event ends.

What is the significance of the Crossover Pass Event in Valorant?

As we mentioned earlier, Riot Games created the Crossover Event Pass as a way to celebrate the new Pearl map and the expansion of the game’s universe.

A comic book shop was featured in the Episode 5 cinematic, “Shattered.” This shop is a part of the new Pearl map and also plays a part in the game’s story. The comic book-themed Player Cards add a personality to each piece and give us a better picture of the game’s “mirrorverse”.


So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the Crossover Pass Event coming to Valorant. If you want to keep up to date with Episode 5, be sure to check out some of our other content:

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