Valorant coaches explain why competitive meta will always have flash Agents

Breach and Skye Valorant artRiot Games

In a recent interview with Run it Back, 100 Thieves coach Sean ‘sgares’ Gares talked about how as Valorant progresses, having a ‘flasher’ agent will become overrated, other coaches at Valorant Champions have differing opinions.

As Valorant continues to move forward with new Agents and map introductions, more abilities will come into the game that could take over the meta. Flashes have been a staple of tactical FPS titles and Valorant so far, but according to sgares in an interview with Run it Back the professional side may not need flash Agents in the future.

“You know, as this game progresses, the necessity of having a “flasher” agent is getting overrated,” sgares told Run it Back. “You have Prowlers that attach onto people and tell you where they are… There’s so many different ways to push people off of angles than just using flashes in this game.”

The former CS:GO pro was responding to a question about the composition 100 Thieves ran on Pearl against Fnatic in their first match in the Valorant Champions Group Stage which had no flash Agents. 100 Thieves won that map 13-10.

Other coaches on the necessity of flash Agents

Valorant's Breach.Riot Games
Breach is a common pick for teams wanting flashes in their compositions.

When asked about the possibility of the game progressing pasted the need for flash Agents, XSET head coach Don ‘SyykoNT’ Muir doesn’t see it happening anytime soon.

“Maybe one day, but not today. I think Fade, in particular, is really hard to run without a flash agent, great utility but really only when combined with flashes,” SyykoNT said in a post-match press conference.

“Maybe there’s a time later on where flashes aren’t necessary but that’s not going to be anytime soon. I think the flash meta is still going to dominate and there’s very few maps right now where teams are running no flashes.”

Fnatic head coach Jacob ‘mini’ Harris said he can understand the line of thinking of having no flash Agents, but that he generally disagrees with the sentiment.

screenshot of fade in Valorant's agent selection screenRiot Games
Fade is the latest Initiator to join the ranks of Agents in Valorant.

“Basically it’s just initiation tools, if you have loads more info initiator tools like Sova drones or Prowlers then flashes become less like 100% necessary. At the same time a flash is still pretty good sometimes to get you out of trouble,” mini said in a post-match press conference.

The British coach also pointed to Ascent as a map that can showcase compositions with initiators that have no flash abilities like when teams run Sova and Fade.

While Valorant could progress to the point where flashes become a luxury more than a necessity, the ability to blind enemies might always be incredibly useful.

“Good luck taking down Matthew ‘Cryocells’ Panganiban with no flashes guys,” XSET player Brendan “BcJ” Jensen said in the same press conference.