Valorant coaches blast Riot for banishing them to “basement” during VCT Masters

Riot Games / Pexels

Valorant coaches representing teams at the first VCT Masters event of 2022 are slamming Riot Games after finding they’ve been placed in the “basement” instead of next to their players.

VCT Masters is set to begin on April 10 and will take place in Reykjavík, Iceland. While the 12 teams prepare for battle and a shot at the first international trophy of the year, coaches will be working in a different environment.

Typically in esports, coaches are usually stationed behind their team with a headset that may or may not be active while a game is going on. Nonetheless, they are close enough to their players to communicate when time allows it.

However, OpTic Gaming coach Chet ‘Chet’ Singh revealed that all VCT coaches have been placed in the “basement” of the building where matches are being play and isolated from their team.

VCT coaches will not be near players

As seen from Chet’s tweet, coaches have their setup located in the “basement” of the venue that they are using. In another comment, Chet elaborated that he is “two floors down” from where the rest of the competitors are located.

He sarcastically thanked Riot games, as the squad played in over two months worth of qualifiers just to be put in a spot that no other esport has seen coaches in before. When asked about a solution Chet said, “imagine if you could just stand behind your players with a headset on.”

OpTic Valorant team revealOpTic Gaming
OpTic Gaming head coach Chet is mad he will be isolated from his team during VCT matches.

Others were shocked to see that this would be a coaches setup for the biggest event thus far in the year. People were saying “they did you dirty,” and were laughing that this was the setup.

While coaches will still be able to do their job, they are finding it quite odd that it will have to be in a different setting than esports are used to seeing.