Valorant coach Onur accuses LOUD of “discrimination” in roster announcement

Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

It’s been a controversial few months for Rodrigo ‘Onur’ Dalmago, the former KRU Esports coach.

At the start of 2022, Onur was deported from Brazil after failing to produce a valid vaccination passport in compliance with the country’s immigration rules. He had flown to Brazil to finalize discussions with LOUD to coach their official Valorant roster for 2022, but shortly after he was deported, LOUD pulled out of the negotiations and ceased to pursue him as a coach.

Nothing was heard from either party regarding the situation for a month, until February 3, when LOUD released an official video announcement of their completed Valorant roster.

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The video contained an Easter egg referencing the controversy with Onur in the form of a post-it note stuck to a wall with a list of vaccinated players, and one name crossed out at the bottom of the list— presumably Onur’s.

The Easter egg didn’t go unnoticed, with the community quickly inferring that it was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the org’s ill-fated negotiations with Onur and his subsequent deportation.

Onur was quick to respond, taking to Twitter to claim that the organization had “left him a message” in the video and that he was being discriminated against for his choices regarding vaccination.

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He stated that “discriminating against a person for health reasons is equally as reprehensible as discriminating against someone for their skin color”, and that “to call someone an anti-vaxxer is an act of discrimination”.

LOUD’s Valorant roster, coached by Matheus ‘bzkA’ Tarasconi, will make its first appearance under the new organization in the VCT Brazil Stage 1 Challengers.

Featuring some of the best players in South America, the team booked passage to the VCT event through the first closed qualifier, in which it played under the name ‘Pancada e Amigos’.