Valorant Champions final tickets sell out within minutes

A close up of the Valorant Champions trophyWojciech Wandzel/Riot Games

Riot Games opened the doors for fans to purchase tickets for the Valorant Champions Playoff Stage on August 24 and tickets for the final day of competition sold out within minutes.

Riot Games posted the link for fans to pay for entry to the event held in Istanbul, Turkey at 10:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on their Turkish Valorant Twitter account. Comments about the final day of tickets saying sold out on the ticket provider website, Biletix, flooded the Riot post soon after.

The total time it took for tickets for the day of the Grand Final at Volkswagen Arena was about 30 minutes according to Dot Esports.

Tickets for other days of the event, the Playoff Stage begins on September 9, are still available at the time of publishing. Fans can purchase up to four tickets per day of the event.

Some online have complained about scalpers and bots buying up Grand Final tickets for a high resell price. Multiple Twitter accounts have commented under the original Riot post saying they will sell the tickets they just bought or are fans looking to purchase final-day entry from scalpers.

Valorant Champions final day tickets run out fast

Valorant Champions in 2022 is the second edition of the Valoorant world championship and will be the first with a live crowd. The tournament features multiple teams returning from last year and 2022’s Master tournaments, as well as newcomers to the international stage.

This event will mark the first Riot Games’ world championship to be played in Turkey, the country has a League of Legends league, but has yet to host a world championship for the esport.

The tournament begins on August 31 with the Group Stage featuring 16 teams from around the world and number will be whittled down to eight for the Playoff Stage.