Riot confirms Valorant Champions 2021 winners won’t receive in-game skins

Andrew Amos
Wojciech Wandzel for Riot Games

Riot has confirmed the winners of Valorant Champions 2021 won’t receive in-game skins, despite strong community support to commemorate victors. The news comes after Riot made more than $15 million from their generic skin bundle at the event.

Valorant Champions 2021 is the hallmark esports event for Riot’s hit FPS title, and the first “true” world championship.

With the game’s biggest prize pool offered so far ⁠— a base of $1 million with crowd-funded skin profits being added on top ⁠— there’s plenty on the line. However, for the fans watching at home, there were hopes for more in-game rewards.

valorant champions skin bundle vandal krambit for VCT
Riot Games
The Valorant Champions bundle has been popular, but individual team skins won’t be handed out to winners of the event.

In League of Legends, teams receive skins for winning Worlds, the game’s biggest event. The same won’t be happening for the winners of Valorant Champions 2021 though, with Riot confirming as much.

“No skins for the winners of Champions 2021,” producer Preeti Khanolkar said during a December 10 AMA.

Players will still receive in-game player titles and gun buddies celebrating the success, but that won’t be shared with their fans ⁠— at least for now.

It comes after Riot revealed the special Valorant Champions 2021 bundle raised $7.5 million for the prize pool, to be split between the 16 teams at the event. The exact details of the prize pool split is yet to be released.

ScreaM at Valorant Champions
Lance Skundrich for Riot Games
Players will have to wait a bit longer for skins commemorating their favorite pros like Liquid’s ScreaM.

With Riot announcing plans for the 2022 Valorant Champions Tour, this could change in the future. For the game’s first world championship though, you won’t be able to rock your favorite team’s skin in-game after they lift the title.