Hilarious Valorant bug reveals a major downside to Phoenix’s Ultimate

. 2 years ago
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Phoenix players may want to use their Ultimates further away from teammates moving forward as a hilarious bug reveals that allies can actually get stuck together.

Early into its Closed Beta period, Valorant has already seen its fair share of bugs, from hitbox issues to Recon Bolts phasing through walls.

Discovering and fixing problems is the purpose of this testing window after all. Yet the latest complication could cost you your next match if Phoenix happens to be on your team. Here’s what to look out for until a new patch is released.

Riot Games
Casting his Ultimate gives Phoenix a second-life for a brief period.

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Down two rounds to seven on Split, Reddit user Parkslider was trying to swing momentum in their favor with a push onto the B-site.

Upon planting the explosive and wiping the enemy team to just two players, things took an amusing turn for the worse. The Spike was dropped right onto the exact spot in which a friendly Phoenix had cast his Ultimate.

As the aggressive Agent duplicates himself and presses forward, he leaves behind a visible circle. This marks where he will reappear once the Ultimate expires. It turns out that sitting inside that circle can get you trapped in his character model for the rest of the round.

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“You are stuck together,” an allied Viper said before laughing at the situation. Both Phoenix and Sage were unable to move from the Spike. If an enemy was to retake the site, they would have found an easy double kill without even knowing it.

They walled themselves off and kept safe, but things almost spiraled out of control due to the ridiculous bug. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t like it’ll be long before a fix is implemented. “Thanks for posting the bug with such a clear repro! I’ll share it with the team,” ‘Riot_Giraffy’ said in the comments below.

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If you happen upon a glowing patch on the floor in your next Valorant session, just remember not to step inside at the wrong moment. It could leave you trapped for the rest of the round. 

There would be no more embarrassing way to lose a game than to have a Spike explode across the map while you’re unable to even so much as move.

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