Game breaking Valorant bug makes KAY/O invincible with 850HP

Riot Games

Valorant’s latest Agent has a bug that makes it incredibly hard to kill, with clips showing KAY/O’s ultimate activating after being dealt a fatal blow.

KAY/O’s been a really strong addition to the Valorant roster. His disrupts and ample utility make him a versatile Agent to have, but his latest bug also makes him a walking tank that can soak Sheriff headshots after the next.

There’s a few clips posted floating around that shows KAY/O getting brought down to 0 HP just to instantly gain 850 HP.

When KAY/O’s NULL/CMD Ultimate ability is active, if he’s dealt fatal damage, he’ll be in a destabilized state with a huge health boost waiting for a teammate to fully revive him.

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But there’s a bug that shows the ultimate activating (even without the requisite orbs) and giving KAY/O the health bump while still moving and shooting.

Clips such as Twitch streamer ‘TheDaveCage’ shows KAY/O soaking in over 400 damage and still standing. Another gameplay video from Reddit user ‘Dependent-Theory-248’ shows him losing a 1v1 duel before getting awarded 850 HP.

In that clip, their death popped up in the kill feed but they still managed to win the round, thanks to having literal hundreds of health points to his name.

Ironically, the enemy KAY/O in that video didn’t get blessed with the bug and was quickly dispatched shortly after.

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Just before dying, you can see KAY/O’s ultimate ability icon quickly flash as if it were activated, but they didn’t even have ult orbs to their name.

There’s been a few bugs in Valorant that the Riot devs would like to put a quick stop to – like Jett’s map-wide dash interaction with Sage’s wall.

As Riot continues to develop their FPS, expect them to patch up these bugs in future Valorant updates before they get out of hand.