How to use the Bucky: Valorant weapon guide

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The Bucky is one of the best guns in Valorant. For 850 Creds, the firepower you get from the shotgun is decent, but not as insane as it once was. However, with the know-how, it can still explode a round right open.

The Bucky divided the Valorant community more than almost any other gun in the game (besides the Operator, probably). The shotgun was the king of all buys, getting use at every rank, in almost every round, for just 850 Creds.

While the ‘shotgun-sniper’ is no more — with a significant nerf to its longer-range right click in patch 2.06 — it’s still a very decent eco purchase. Here’s how you can make the most out of it.

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Bucky damage stats

Up close, the Bucky boasts some of the highest damage out of any gun in Valorant. Each shot fires out 15 pellets (right click burst shoots five), doing up to 44 damage each (if they connect with the head up close). This is a remarkable amount of burst.

Its slower fire rate and small magazine of five bullets does compensate for the huge burst, but it hardly matters. The Bucky with its alternate fire can take fights at medium-range as well as up close, firing a more direct burst. If you land most of the spread on an enemy up to around 12 meters, they’re dead.

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Valorant Bucky Weapon stats

Bucky spread & movement inaccuracy

Because of the alternate fire, the Bucky has two different spreads. The left click is a bit wider, but fires from up close. It can get spread out pretty quickly. The right click is more direct, making it better at range. If your target is too close, the right-click won’t do damage, so be mindful.

The shotgun’s accuracy while moving and jumping doesn’t really change. While it can get a bit wild if you do all at once, you can still run-and-gun with the shotgun and do a ton of damage. Plus, if you’re in your enemies’ face, it doesn’t matter ⁠— they’re all going to hit anyways.

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The spread is also better than what’s shown in the video, thanks to the compensation buffs in patch 2.06. Keep this in mind when you pick the Bucky up, as it’s pretty tight at close range — up to about 15 meters.

The Bucky’s right click is good, but no longer the best

The only reason you used to buy a Bucky in Valorant was for its right click, which could rival a rifle at range for about a third of the price. However, the 2.06 nerfs made that strategy a relic of history.

With less pellets on the right click, you have to be a lot more careful with where you aim it. Also, the damage dropoff is pretty harsh. Nothing will beat getting up close with a shotgun, but if you’re stuck, throw a few right clicks out and pray.

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Riot Games
Blasting on top of enemies with Raze’s Satchels, then whipping out a Bucky, is peak Valorant gameplay.

Partner the Bucky with movement, and it’s unstoppable

The Bucky’s slow rate of fire, and its damage dropoff at range, ultimately doesn’t matter if you can get into an opponent’s face with the shotgun. Picking up the Bucky on a character who boasts a lot of movement, like Raze or Jett, makes the gun practically unstoppable.

Not even a rifle can fight back against the Bucky in close range, unless you hit a lucky headshot with the Vandal or Phantom. You can just launch into the fray, get a pick or two instantly, and swing the round in your favor. If you play with tons of aggression, the Bucky is for you.

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With all that power for just 850 Creds, it’s no wonder why the Bucky is still a pretty popular pick-up after the nerfs. It’s barely more than a pistol, and yet it does so much damage.

It doesn’t sit atop the tier lists any more, but it does its job very well. It’s not as powerful as the Phantom or Vandal, but its bang-for-buck is insane.