Valorant April 14 hotfix patches Cypher exploit, audio issues, more

by David Purcell
Riot Games


Riot Games have announced a brand new hotfix in Valorant, patching a number of exploits in-game, including one for Cypher. 

The new update rolled out across Europe for its players on April 14, with North America players expected to get the same treatment the following day.

While it's still in beta, members of the Valorant community have been discovering several bugs and exploits in the first-person shooter game. As you would expect, its developers have moved to address them. One of these exploits saw players allowed to use Cypher's Spycam to shoot enemies, which wasn't the purpose of the ability.

Riot Games
Cypher's Spycam ability was being used for a very different purpose in Valorant. That exploit, among others, has been patched.


The latest hotfix was announced via the official Valorant Twitter account with a number of in-game issues being seen to.

According to the post, the hotfix will make Cypher's camera "less lethal" under certain circumstances, will patch a number of other map exploits, and fix audio issues that have seen sound drop after consecutive games.

When is Valorant's hotfix coming to NA?

Those based in North America can expect the game queues to freeze at around 4:30 am PT (7:30am EST) on April 15, go offline soon after, with an expected downtime lasting until 8am PT (11am EST).


With players stumbling across a number of map exploits in Valorant's closed beta, the tweet may lack detail in terms of which have been removed, but there's a good chance the more popular ones will be included in this hotfix.

Fixing the audio issues in-game will also be a welcome change for the community, too. Players can see the full extent of the hotfix the next time they drop into the game.

You can find the full closed beta patch notes below.


Valorant closed beta April 14 hotfix notes

  • Cypher's camera made less lethal under certain circumstances
  • Patched a number of map exploits
  • Fixed audio dropping after consecutive games