Twitch under fire for banning Valorant streamers over ‘misheard’ homophobic slurs


Valorant streamer PROD received a Twitch ban after allegedly saying a homophobic slur.

PROD is a Valorant Twitch Streamer and content creator for the Esports organization The Guard. The streamer has skyrocketed in popularity in the Valorant community and averages around 5,000 viewers per stream.

YouTube and Twitch bans are dominating headlines recently, most notably with popular streamer IShowSpeed received a ban from YouTube for streaming an adult Minecraft mod.

Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx‘ Antonatos was also banned and later unbanned from Twitch for criticizing other streamers and making sexist comments.

Often, the bans are warranted. But in PROD’s case that is less clear.

Valorant streamer banned from Twitch

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According to Jake Lucky, PROD was banned for saying “f*ck it” and then saying a homophobic slur. Another Valorant streamer, Shanks, was also banned for using the same slur the day before.

However, Shanks was unbanned, while PROD remains banned for his comment.

Lucky stated that PROD was banned live in front of 10,000 viewers. YouTuber Sewers posted the clip of what PROD was banned for. Content warning for the video below.

PROD says ‘f**k it’ and then it is hard to determine what he says the second time, but it appears Twitch detected that it was him using a slur.

PROD was frustrated by the ban and stated on Twitter, “not going to lie, this Twitch ban is f***ing cringe’

We will provide an update if PROD gets unbanned.