TSM Myth criticizes Valorant’s “dumb” ranked system

Twitch: Myth / Riot Games

Popular TSM streamer Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani has criticized the ranking system in Riot Games’ new FPS effort, Valorant, calling it “trash” and “dumb.”

Valorant has become one of the biggest games on the market since it entered its beta phase, ahead of the highly-anticipated Summer 2020 release.

While most big streamers and professional players from a range of different titles are enjoying the game massively – Myth included – there are obviously things that need to be fixed ahead of the full launch of the game, and Myth believes the ranking system is one feature that needs work.

Riot Games
Ranked play in Valorant has mostly been a hit among players.

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Speaking on the game’s ranked play, which went live just a couple of weeks after the beta launched, Myth asks: “Why would you put 5 people that have probably been playing this game since release… against a bunch of solo players and one duo?”

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He adds that this system “doesn’t make much sense,” explaining that solo queuers are being punished simply for wanting to play alone or not having others to play with.

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He wasn’t done yet, though, saying that “if you solo queue in this game, you’re literally sabotaging your own rank. That’s just the truth.”

He added: “There’s a few other games that adopt the same system, but there are other systems that follow the thing that I’m talking about,” alluding to the idea that players who are solo queuing should be matched up with each other, while full 5-man squads should be matched up against each other, too.

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After comparisons were drawn to the likes of CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege, whose ranked modes work similarly, he simply said that they too have a dumb system if that’s the case.

Obviously some people are quite enjoying ranked play in Valorant, though – on May 1, Cloud9 streamer Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo became the first North American player to secure the highest rank in the game.