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Tribal Valorant Initiator Agent Chenoa would be perfect for Episode 2

Published: 9/Sep/2020 12:35

by Andy Williams


With Riot being vocal about their Agent release schedule in Valorant, fans are keen to see how they expand Future Earth’s roster. And this animal-loving character might be the perfect fit.

Following the introduction of Killyjoy in Episode 1: Act 2, fans are now anticipating what Riot have up their sleeve for Act 3’s Agent.

Of course, given that Act 3 is merely weeks away, Riot will have ironed out the creases and already be set on which character will make their debut. With many believing that the Act 2 Battlepass has already teased an insect-based Agent for the final installment of Episode 1.

But what about Episode 2? Given that we’ve already seen a soul-absorbing Duelist and a techy Sentinel added to the mix, one savvy fan has created a more traditional Initiator Agent — and she might just fit right into the meta.

Killjoy on computer in Valorant
Riot Games
Killyjoy’s technology certainly shook up the Episode 1 meta during Act 2.

Chenoa: Valorant Initiator Agent concept

Moving away from the far-fetched reality of Future Earth’s Agents, ‘bayleaf97’ created a concept based on the character’s tribal roots — where instead of bionic arms or flashy tech, the character harnesses their abilities from Radianite.

Chenoa’s abilities revolved around her bond with her owl sidekick, Wahu. Each of her abilities are either inspired by traits from an owl or involve Wahu to get involved within the thick of the action.

Specifically, her ‘Screech’ ability would naturally lend itself into her Initiator style, since the ability to break past enemy lines without making a sound would definitely prove handy when on Attack.

  • Ability 1 (Q) — Ghost Tracks: Reveal the most recent footprints that the enemy has left within the last 10 seconds.
  • Ability 2 (E) — Screech: Deafen every enemy for a short duration within hearing distance.
  • Signature Ability (C) — Third Eye: Place Wahu on your shoulder for a short duration to have him watch your back.
  • Ultimate Ability (X) — Soaring Owl: Send Wahu to a deceased ally anywhere on the map to turn them into a spirit who can roam the battleground. Wahu can be shot in the air by the enemy team if spotted.
Valorant Initiator Agent concept.
bayleaf97 (Reddit)
Chenoa’s abilities would allow her to push through enemy lines with ease.

Interestingly, her Signature Ability seems to take inspiration from Apex Legends’ Wraith, whose Passive Ability allows her to hear voices from ‘The Void,’ which essentially provides a verbal cue whenever an enemy locks onto her.

While there would definitely need to be some tweaks before Chenoa would slot into the meta (such as balancing her ability to identify enemy footprints while simultaneously being able to rush without being heard), there’s definitely scope for the tribal Initiator in Future Earth.


How to get free Valorant loot drops with Twitch Prime Gaming

Published: 19/Jan/2021 23:25 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 23:26

by Lauren Bergin


Riot Games has announced that they are partnering with Twitch to release some free Valorant loot drops for Prime Gaming users. Here’s what you’ll need to do to claim these in-game rewards.

One of the things that Valorant fans love most is the game’s awesome selection of gun cosmetics. From skins that look like firebereathing dragons to adorable little gun buddies in the shape of Middle Eastern teapots, the creativity put into every little detail is impeccable.

These all cost money though, sometimes a lot of money. So, if you’re looking to get your hands on some free cosmetics and rewards, then Amazon Prime Gaming are here to help. Just as they’ve done with League of Legends, Riot have partnered with the online retail behemoth to bring free monthly Valorant drops to Prime users.

So, excited to see if you qualify for some cool new stuff? Here’s how to claim your Valorant Prime rewards.

How to link your Valorant account to Twitch Prime

gun buddy in valorant
Riot Games
Riot is giving out free Valorant rewards with Prime Gaming.

Valorant players with an active Prime Gaming subscription will be able to access to these exclusive loot drops, to get your hands on some new cosmetics. Before you can claim these rewards, though, you will need to connect your Riot Games account to your subscribed Twitch account.

To link your accounts, you’ll simply need to follow the steps below.

  1. Log into your Riot Games account.
  2. Sign-in to your Twitch account.
  3. When you log in, click your profile and go to the Connections page in settings.
  4. Find the Riot Games tab, press the ‘Connect’ button, and ‘Authorize’.
  5. You will now be able to claim your Prime Gaming loot drops.

How to get Valorant loot drops for Prime Gaming

Valorant Twitch Prime Gaming Pay Respects Gun Buddy

Once you’ve connected your account, you can go ahead and start collecting your loot. Here’s how you do it:

  1. When the rewards are live, visit the Valorant page on Twitch’s Prime Gaming website.
  2. Log in with a Twitch account that has an active Prime subscription.
  3. Click the ‘Claim Now’ button next to your reward.
  4. If your accounts have already been linked, the item should be claimed and added to your in-game inventory – ready to use!

It is also worth noting that the rewards are only available for a month before they are replaced with the next item. So, be sure to grab any items before they expire!

Valorant Prime Gaming Rewards: January

To start off the new year in style, Riot have gifted Prime Gaming fans with the “Zoomer Pop” gun buddy, that’s sure to look great on your favorite weapon, whether you prefer the Vandal or Phantom.

Make sure you keep checking back with us each month to see what the newest drop is and, most importantly, why you want it!