The Spanish CSGO prodigy who got a second shot at glory with Valorant

. 2 years ago
Mixwell Spain Optic Valorant

Oscar ‘Mixwell’ Cañellas is unquestionably the best CS:GO player Spain has ever produced, but he is now taking his talent into Valorant. 

Even though the country is a hotbed for more traditional sports such as Soccer and Tennis, Spain has never really had much of a Counter-Strike scene. As a young, superstar talent, Mixwell had little trouble rising to the top domestically, but he still couldn’t break the nut of international tournaments.

When given the opportunity to move to North America and join OpTic Gaming, Mixwell jumped at the chance. Not everything went perfect for Cañellas with the org, but he helped them achieve what was – at the time – the biggest international victory for a predominantly North American lineup in CS:GO.

After leaving OpTic, Mixwell struggled to find a place that was perfect for him and after a few failed experiments he decided to put everything he had into the new game on the block, Valorant. Now he is working to build a new legacy in the fledgeling esports scene of Riot’s tactical FPS.

This is the story of Mixwell, the lone Spanish prodigy who tried to carry a nation, featuring insights on his journey from the man himself.

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