The crazy stats behind Valorant’s best sniper

The crazy stats behind Valorant's best sniper YT ThumbnailDexerto

Pro Valorant player for Acend — and all-around beastly performer — Mehmet ‘cNed’ İpek is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, especially when he gets his hands on the game’s powerful Operator sniper rifle.

The Operator is the most expensive, and arguably most important, weapon in Valorant, which is why VCT superstars like Sentinels TenZ and Liquid Jamppi put it to good use when they can afford it. But, is Acend’s crack shot cNed secretly the best sniper in pro Valorant?

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While there’s an argument to be made for plenty of players who can pull off impressive flicks, we’ve taken a look back at cNed’s performance during the Champions Tour Challengers events to find the stats that prove he really is the best sniper in Valorant — bar none.

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