The Best Valorant Plays From Europe’s Richest Player

Julian Young. Last updated: May 09, 2021
The Best Valorant Plays From Europe’s Richest Player Thumbnail

Ardis ‘ardiis’ Svarenieks hasn’t slowed down after finally hitting his stride in the professional Valorant circuit. Here, we showcase 10 incredible plays he pulled off while earning his way to the title of richest Valorant player in the EU.

Incredible skill combined with resilience in the face of challenge and controversy has helped ardiis make a name for himself as one of Europe’s best Valorant players during his time on G2’s stacked roster.

Refusing to lie down in the face of adversity, it’s no wonder he’s earned himself more money than anyone else in the EU pro scene. He’s pulled off plenty of impressive in-game feats along the way, and we’ve picked out his top 10 so far.

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