Tfue explains why “frustrating” Valorant won’t overtake CS:GO

Riot Games/Twitch: Tfue

Popular Fortnite professional Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has explained why he doesn’t think Riot Games’ Valorant will pass CS:GO in terms of popularity, as fans flock to the former’s closed beta. 

Valorant – Riot Games’ first attempt at a first-person shooter – has been in closed beta since April 7, and has been immensely popular with those who have managed to get their hands on an access drop. 

Its popularity has led to a discussion in the video game community, with many wondering how far Valorant can go in terms of the world’s most popular titles. One of these is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve’s FPS that has broken a host of records since its 2012 release. 

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CS:GO has dominated esports viewership for years.

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However, despite the bang with which it has landed, Tfue explained why he doesn’t think Valorant will overtake CS:GO in terms of popularity, especially from a competitive viewpoint. 

“Valorant’s like a more casual CS:GO,” he explained. “If you wanna die to f**king air-strikes, go play f**king Valorant. If you f**king wanna actually play a game that takes f**king true skill, play CS:GO.” 

Part of CS:GO’s appeal is the reliance on genuine skill, and not on assists like Valorant’s ultimates. A barebones tactical shooter, success in CS:GO almost entirely relies on a player’s gun skill, positioning, and game sense.

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 “I mean the game’s good – I think it’ll do well,” Tenney continued. “I just don’t see it being bigger, competitive wise, than like CS, you know… hit by a bow through a wall, GG p**sy. It feels smooth though, and aiming engagements are good. It can just be frustrating at times.”

While Valorant is still in its beta we can expect a number of glitches to be prominent. However, Tfue summarized three big issues he has with Valorant, in its current build. 

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“Valorant’s fun man, it’s a fun game,” he said. “The problems I have with it are [that] it’s too repetitive, it’s not fun to watch, and I feel like the abilities are not balanced. It was kinda like how Overwatch was at the start.” 

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Despite his criticisms, Tfue emphasised that he thinks the game will be massively successful, but reiterated that Riot needs to “improve” large portions of the game. 

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It’s no surprise that Valorant has issues it needs to iron out, especially in the beta stage, but Tfue clearly thinks its casual nature may prevent it from overtaking the likes of CS:GO. We’ll have to wait and see what Riot choose to do to improve their upcoming title. 

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