TenZ will stay with Sentinels for VCT 2023 season

Sentinels Tenz Valorant at Valorant Masters before dropping Project TRiot Games / Colin Young-Wolff

Sentinels announced on October 12 that Tyson “TenZ” Ngo will remain with the team for the 2023 season.

After much speculation about their fifth roster spot, Sentinels have announced that star player TenZ will remain with the team for the next year. The organization released a video on Twitter about the signing.

Sentinels are one of the 10 partnered teams in the Americas leagues and have been a big player in the current rostermainia.

The team announced its head coach and assistant coach earlier in the offseason, along with the signing of former XSET star Zachary ‘zekken’ Patrone.

Sentinels round out roster with TenZ

Sentinels’ current roster, per multiple reports from Dot Esports, will be TenZ, zekken, Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson along with the Brazilian duo of Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi and Bryan ‘pANcada’ Luna.

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It was previously reported by Dot Esports that TenZ was in negotiations with Sentinels to rejoin the team, but that the deal remained incomplete. The young star’s contract was only through 2022.

The organization purchased TenZ’s contract from Cloud9 in June 2021 for a reported “seven-figure deal.”

Sentinels will have an almost completely different roster for the Americas league, and the Kickoff tournament set to begin in February 2023 in Brazil.

TenZ will be the only returning player to the starting roster from the 2022 lineup. The four other players still under contract for Sentinels from the last season, Shahzeb ‘ShahZaM’ Khan, Michael ‘dapr’ Gulino, Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims and Jared ‘zombs’ Gitlin have all been benched and allowed to explore other offers.

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zombs and SicK were not a part of the Valorant roster near the end of the season due to zombs being replaced mid-season and SicK taking time off due to personal reasons. ShahZaM and dapr could be kept on as a sixth man for the next season, but there is still time in the offseason for Sentinels to find another player to round out the roster requirements