TenZ responds to claim he is “overrated” by Valorant community: “A lot of people just see surface-level me”

TenZ at the Valorant esports tournament VCT LOCK//INColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

In a content segment for the VCT international leagues centering on trash talk, Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo was brought up as an overrated player. TenZ appeared in the video and talked about the Valorant community’s perception of him.

TenZ has always been in the spotlight as one of the first Valorant pros and it has only grown larger as his professional career has continued. In a content segment for the VCT international leagues, players were asked pointed questions to trash-talk other teams and players in the top Valorant leagues and the topic of overrated players came up.

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Players in the segment overwhelmingly pointed to TenZ as one of the most overrated players.

“TenZ gets the most following out of any player in NA,” Evil Geniuses player Brendan ‘BcJ’ Jensen said. “He had this meteoric rise. He still kind of does the same things he was doing back then.”

The Sentinels player responded to those comments and the general community sentiment around his playstyle and performance in recent events.

TenZ lets the Valorant community know his thoughts

“I’m definitely really popular, but a lot of people just see surface-level me and they don’t actually know how I function in a team and the value that I can bring,” TenZ said.

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The Valorant community has singled out TenZ in the past for poor performances, especially after Sentinels failed to make any international tournaments or win events in 2022.

In the 2022-23 offseason, he told his new coach that he wants to compete professionally to the best of his ability despite community sentiment saying he was fine as just a streamer.

Sentinels have not had the best show of form this season so far, however, as the squad was bounced from VCT LOCK//IN in their first match and sit at 1-1 in VCT Americas currently. TenZ will have the opportunity to prove his doubters wrong as the league continues into its third week with Sentinels playing Leviatán on April 16.

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