TenZ able to show his “true flexibility” on new Sentinels roster, says analyst

TenZ SentinelsColin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

Sentinels are looking to use the LOCK//IN tournament as a stepping stone on its way to Valorant Champions 2023 and to showcase Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo’s flexibility on Agents that aren’t Duelists, according to the team’s analyst Drew ‘DrewSpark’ Spark-Whitworth.

Sentinels have a new roster for the 2023 season and, like most of the teams participating in LOCK//IN, want to see what their new members are capable of together at an international tournament setting. The VCT Americas team is hoping to use this event as a litmus test for how to approach the rest of the year due to its format, Sentinels analyst DrewSpark told Dexerto in an interview.

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“We expect to be competitive, DrewSpark said. “But like, when you have a format as it is, it makes it really hard to set the expectations… It’s just single elimination, it’s kind of harsh if we’re to use that word. So in terms of expectations, we’re just looking to go there and make this another building block of our entire year, which is to gear up toward Valorant Champions at the end of this year.

One of those building blocks, according to DrewSpark, is letting TenZ be more of a flexible player than he was in previous Sentinels rosters. Last year, the Canadian player played mainly Duelists, Jett or Raze, and then picked up Chamber towards the end of the competitive calendar.

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“Last year he was kind of you know, in like Jett prison let’s say,” the Sentinels analyst said. “Sentinels adapted to Chamber really late and I think that this new roster gives him the platform to express himself a little bit more, show his true flexibility and bring all these ideas that he perhaps wasn’t able to express before in his previous teams.”

TenZ will be more flexible in this iteration of Sentinels

Tenz sentinels PCMichal Konkol/Riot Games
TenZ is one of the most highly-coveted FPS players in the world.

DrewSpark pointed to how the team utilized the player in the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational. While TenZ did play Jett, he also picked up KAY/0 on a few maps to decent success. Sentinels also have another star Duelist/ flex player in former XSET player Zachary ‘zekken’ Patrone, so TenZ won’t necessarily be locked into one role depending on how the Valorant meta shakes out.

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While TenZ will get to showcase his adaptability, that doesn’t mean Sentinels won’t utilize his mechanics to the fullest extent when needed.

“He obviously has international experience, he’s won international events himself, and he is a champion. He also brings the insane mechanical skill and the ability to press the win button at times,” DrewSpark said.

Valorant fans will get to see how Sentinels use TenZ when LOCK//IN begins for the team on February 24 as they face off against Fnatic and its new roster of young stars.